Out With the Old, In With the… Wait a Minute.

I’m so sorry for my absence! Time got away from me with the hustle & bustle of the holidays! I had projects & shopping & wrapping & kids & employees… you know- Life! All of that chaos is over & people have started talking about ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ & ‘Out with the Old, in with the new’, and while I agree a New Year is a reason to celebrate, I don’t really agree with “outing the old”.

Take my work coffee cup for example. I received this very bright pink coffee cup from an employee 4 years ago. It has held tea & hot chocolate & cappuccino & coffee. It’s held coffee with creamer, coffee with milk, coffee with stevia & almond milk (in my attempt at being healthier) & it’s held them all the same. I’m pretty sure I lose at least 20 specks of color from the outside every time I wash it. It fits in my hand a certain way & I swear the coffee just tastes better from that mug than another one. Last year for Christmas, another employee gave me a brand new bright pink coffee cup. It is the EXACT same mug. She thought I needed it because my other one wasn’t looking so nice anymore. But guess what…. that brand new coffee mug is still in a cupboard in the box it came in. I can’t throw out the old & bring in the new- I just can’t.

This coffee cup is like me. I’m not as bright & shiny on the outside as I used to be (I’ll be 37 tomorrow!) & yet in other ways, I’ve never shone brighter or held as much diversity as I do now. I have some scrapes & bruises & scars. I have stretch marks & cellulite & loose skin & abs hidden under that somewhere, but it’s taken me years to get there. The things I hold inside of me, are of much greater treasure than what my outside shows at times. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things in life that you should throw out, like the feeling of always having to please others or those socks with a hole in the big toe. So last year, I shifted from making New Year’s Resolutions, to making realistic promises to myself.

I didn’t ‘throw out the old’, I simply modified my old into something that got me to my goals. The “old” is comfort & reassurance & quite simply- habit. I knew that there were certain things I was doing, or not doing, in my life that caused me to be un-settled, distracted & anxious. I could resolve to drink more water & eat less chocolate, but those aren’t things that would help me grow as a person & I realized that is what I wanted & needed more than anything. In order to get there, I’ve read numerous books that inspired me. What I settled on instead of New Years Resolutions were promises to myself that helped me grow. I started with a word- Peace- & I focused this last year on finding that. I learned to relax more & enjoy little things. I learned to pray more & am trying to navigate reading my new bible. I read more books & studied them as I went. I used old tools that I already had in my possession & combined them with new tools to find Peace. I shifted my focus & adapted- I didn’t throw everything out & start all over- I merged old & new & as we close out 2018, I can happily say that I found the Peace I was searching for: inner peace.

I’ve been thinking & praying about my 2019 word & I’ve decided on ‘Intentional’. I want to be Intentional in my life & in my relationships with my husband, kids, friends & family. I will use old tools & knowledge & information to lead me to the promise I’ve made to myself to be more intentional. I have big plans with my life yet & I won’t get there without intending to do so.

So as you get ready to ring in 2019, what do you strive for? Do you make New Year’s Resolutions or do you have a different tradition that helps you achieve goals? I urge you to have a plan, regardless of how big or little your goal is. You can’t HOPE everyday that something will come to fruition if you don’t put in the work. We only get one life, & before we know it, we’ll be the old & the ones going out. Let your light shine while you can!

Until next time! All my love, Jenni

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